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1:12 Honda CX500 Turbo - 14016

Price: £22.99


Part No: TAM14016

Brand: Tamiya

1:12 Honda CX500 Turbo - 14016 Zoom Click image to zoom


The CX500 made its debut in 1980 at the IFMA trade show in Cologne, Germany. The Honda CX500 Turbo, which was released in 1981, was the world's first turbo-charged motorcycle. Turbocharged engines offered greater power and torque for higher performance, but also caused a delay in throttle response during acceleration. The delay in throttle response presented technical challenges for turbocharged motorcycles. Honda and IHI (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries) overcame this problem by using computerized fuel injection to provide the engine with the optimal amount of fuel at all times. The CFI transformed the V2 OHV engine, which produced 48hp and 4.1kg/m of torque into a high performance engine with 78hp with 7.5kg/m of torque. Other advanced include a cowling, Honda's Pro-Link rear suspension, and a 4-step adjustable anti nose dive front suspension. The CX500 was capable of a maximum speed of over 120mph.

Specs and Features
  • This is an assembly kit model of the first ever turbocharged motorcycle the Honda CX500.
  • Length: 172mm, Width: 56mm.
  • Cowlings can be removed even after assembly to showcase the highly detailed interior.
  • The Honda's compact 4-cylinder engine and rear suspension setup are all accurately reproduced.
  • Synthetic rubber tyres provide the model with greater realism.
  • Top quality Cartograf (from Italy) decals included.

Product ID: 3616

Product Tags

  • Scale
    • 1:12
  • Model
    • CX500
  • Vehicle Make
    • Honda (Moto)
  • Region
    • Japanese
  • Type
    • Model Kit
  • Vehicle Type
    • Road Bike