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1:12 Lotus Type 72 '73 Front Wheel - P1003

Price: £21.44


Part No: MFH P1003

Brand: Model Factory Hiro

1:12 Lotus Type 72 '73 Front Wheel - P1003 Zoom Click image to zoom


1:12 Lotus Type 72 '73 Front Wheel - P1003

P1003 1/12scale Type72 1973 Front Wheel
The front wheel specially made for the customization of the 1/12 scale Type72E from us, and also compatible to modify “T” Company’s 1/12scale Type72D to 1973 specification.
This is the wheel had been used for few times only.
Rivets and Valve parts are included and can be used in the front and rear wheel.

Notice: To assemble the wheel you will need the parts from “T” Company 1/12scale Type72D

*The tires in the photos are not included.

Product ID: 4710

Product Tags

  • Scale
    • 1:12
  • Model
    • 72E
  • Vehicle Type
    • Formula 1
  • Vehicle Make
    • Lotus
  • Type
    • Wheels/Tyres

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