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1:20 Carbon Kevlar DecalBasket Weave Yellow/Black #1320

Price: £8.49


Part No: SKU1320

Brand: Scale Motorsport

1:20 Carbon Kevlar DecalBasket Weave Yellow/Black #1320 Zoom Click image to zoom


Sheet Size is approx 185mm x 115mm (4-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches)

Our 1300 composite fiber series is a combination of Kevlar and carbon Fiber, woven in a basketweave pattern. The dominent color is the yellow (Kevlar)over a field of black. This cloth pattern is a derivitive of an all Kevlar woven cloth which is yellow on yellow basketweave, twill or plain weave patterns.

Kevlar possesses the highest degree of stiffness and tensil strength, making it perfect for components that require extra puncture proof qualities such as;

  •     fuel cells
  •     cockpit
  •     engine components.

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