Racers Bike Magazine Vol 22 Honda RVF Legends Part 2

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Part No: Racers-Vol.22

Brand: San-Ei Shobo

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Volume 22 of the Japanese Magazine about race bikes
Text is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.

The following is a Google Translation from Japanese to English

RVF Legend Part 2
RVF750 second-generation has undergone a major evolution in just one year The landslide victory in the Suzuka 8 of '86 - was touted as masterpiece after [NW1C]
with FORCE V4
RVF750 at '86 SUZUKA 8 Hours
In the back of the '86 Suzuka 8 ?? all decisive victory the fame
The sprint endurance racer [NW1C]
The RVF750 was transformed into sprint durable resistance 8
Ran the '87 Suzuka 8, "Honda factory racer" Another
Miracle of "Super Replica"
Entry name [VFR750] - the reality was a replica of NW1C


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