Rally Cars Magazine Vol 5 Porsche 911

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Part No: Rally Cars-Vol.05

Brand: San-Ei Shobo

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Japanese Magazine about Rally Cars Vol 5 Porsche 911

Text is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.

New series of one model one book "RALLY CARS".
5th will cover the "Porsche 911"

Porsche 911 '50 be traced back now, I gave a cry went increase its fame Catching won various laurels in the rally and road racing, and Circuit.
Rally as what works less, but is loved by privateers who many, 911 no less there were many participated in the rally circuit.
It won the Monte Carlo, and won the Tour de Corse, Dakar Rally also housed in the hands of a derived model, and I was occupied known around the world and potential its strength.
911 which was touted as the finest cars beyond the genre of motorsport and production vehicles.
bursting rally history that has been spun from the 60's.

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