1:12 Ferrari 156 ‘Shark Nose’ Ver.A : 1961 Rd.1 Monaco GP #36 R.Ginther

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1:12 Ferrari 156 ‘Shark Nose’ Ver.A : 1961 Rd.1 Monaco GP #36 R.Ginther

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1:12 Ferrari 156 ‘Shark Nose’ Ver.A : 1961 Rd.1 Monaco GP #36 R.Ginther

Based on the version at the opening Monaco GP in 1961, featuring a shorter window shield, a lack of a rear side panel, and a meter panel/dashboard used during the early stages of the season.

[About the Ferrari 156 “SHARK NOSE”]
The Ferrari 156 was a F1 Ferrari machine used between the years of 1961 to 1964. In order to comply to new regulations at the time regarding reduction of engine displacement from 2.5L to 1.5L, the 156 was designed to run with a 1.5L V6 Dino engine. While it initially ran with a 65-degree engine, it was eventually replaced with a 120-degree type that feature higher power output and a lower center of gravity. One of the most distinct features of the 156 was the two large front intake cutouts at the nose, earning it the nickname “Shark Nose” based on its outer appearance.
Having adapted well to the change in regulation, the 156 saw 5 victories out of 8 races in the year of 1961, with Ferrari claiming both constructors and drivers titles for the year. The end of the season presented a fierce battle for the driver title between Ferrari teammates P. Hill and W. Von Trips, however Von Trips suffered a fatal accident during the Italian GP when his Ferrari crashed into the spectators area. The tragedy left Hill with no other rival for the driver title and allowed him to claim the championship for the year of 1961.
From 1962 to 1964 various modifications was done to the 156 to make it more competitive, including scraping the distinctive shark nose design for a more conventional intake. However none of these changes posed a threat to the rivaling British teams who took the championships for those years. Ferrari would not see victory until the appearance of the 156′s successor (the 158 – which ran on a V8 engine) came in the later half of the 1964 season.
Featuring a beautiful and distinctive design, along with a brilliant history in the 1961 F1 season, we present our latest 1/12 scale full detail kit – the 156 Shark Nose.

[Kit Details]

  • a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
  • aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, center locknut, shaft, engine funnels and muffler ends.
  • front cowl and side tank/panels removable, and rear cowl can be open/closed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
  • wheel spokes built from individual metal wires allowing for a realistic representation.

  • Model
    • 156 Shakenose
  • Era
    • 1960's
  • Scale
    • 1:12
  • Region
    • European
  • Vehicle Make
    • Ferrari
  • Vehicle Type
    • Formula 1
  • Type
    • Model Kit
    • Multi-Media Kit
  • Drivers
    • Richie Ginther