1:12 Ferrari 315S/335S Ver.B : 1957 LM 335S #6 / 315S #8

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1:12 Ferrari 315S/335S Ver.B : 1957 LM 335S #6 / 315S #8

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Brand: Model Factory Hiro
Model Factory Hiro

Part No: MFH K538

K538 Ver.B : 1957 LM 335S #6 Collons/Hill  /  315S #8 Lewis-evans/Severi

  • based on car number 6 (335S) that raced in the 1957 Le Mans. Car number 8 (315S) featured in the same race that secured fifth place can also be built from this version.
  • features body form slightly different than one provided with Ver. A.

Ferrari 315S/335S
In the latter half of 1950`s, Ferrari developed the 290MM featuring their new V12 in hopes to gain the upper hand in world of sports car racing. It manage to grant Ferrari an overall victory in the World Sportscar Championship in the year of 1956.
In order to ensure another victory over their rivals Maserati, a new enhanced engine was used with the 290S in the following year. However after the first race of the season, a more powerful engine with increased cylinder bore was introduced, and this new engine was to be feature in a new, separate car – the 315S.

The 315S made its debut in March 1957 at Sebring, and in May of the same year the 335S also made its debut featuring yet an even more powerful engine with a higher capacity. The performance of both cars manage to snatch yet another victory for Ferrari in the World Sportscar Championship for the year of 1957.

We are proud to present the Ferrari 315S/335S as our latest addition to the MFH 1/12 Full Detail Kit lineup:

About the Model

  • a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, tuned metal parts, plating metal parts, vacuum parts, rubber tires, leather sheet, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle
  • aluminum chromed parts used for wheel rim, engine funnel, front light rims, wheel shaft and lock nut.
  • additional pre-chromed parts included for meter rim and switches featured on cockpit.
  • front cowl of car is designed to be removable. Doors and rear cowl can be opened and closed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion
  • clear resin used for headlight lens, allowing for the mold to closely imitate those of the actual vehicle.
  • pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires

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  • Era
    • 1950's
  • Scale
    • 1:12
  • Model
    • 315S
    • 335S
  • Region
    • European
  • Vehicle Make
    • Ferrari
  • Vehicle Type
    • Le Mans 24
  • Type
    • Model Kit
    • Multi-Media Kit