1:12 Lancia Delta S4 - Ver.C :1986 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse - Full Detail Multi-Media Kit

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1:12 Lancia Delta S4 - Ver.C :1986 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse - Full  Detail Multi-Media Kit

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Brand: Model Factory Hiro
Model Factory Hiro

Part No: MFH K523

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1:12 Lancia Delta S4 - Ver.B :1986 WRC Rd.1 Rally Monte Carlo - Full Detail Multi-Media Kit
K522 Ver.B :1986 WRC Rd.1 Rally Monte Carlo #7 Toivonen/Cresto

In the late years of Group B competition, the Lancia team decided it was time to replace the Rally 037 for a more powerful machine in light of Peugeot and Audi’s success with their 4WD. The result was the Delta S4 – an all wheel drive featuring a 1759cc four cylinder midship-mounted engine, designed with a unique combination of supercharging and turbocharging that allowed for a reduction of turbo lag at low RPM.

The S4 debuted in the final 1985 WRC race at RAC Rally, which carried drivers Henri Toivoven and Markku Alén to a one-two finish. At the first WRC race of 1986 at Monte Carlo Rally Toivenen was able to take first, marking an excellent start to the 1986 season.

However on May 2nd, 1986 at Tour de Course, Toivonen’s S4 went off the road and flew down a ravine on stage 18. The aluminum fuel tank was ruptured by the trees during the fall and caused an explosion, marking the death of both Toivonen and his co-pilot Sergio Cresto. The incident was yet another example of the dangers of Group B, resulting in all Group B cars to be banned from competition by the FIA, and marked 1986 as the final year of Group B.

Marking the 30th anniversary since the end of Group B WRC in 1986, and in memory of Toivenen and Cresto’s final moments, we present the latest addition to our MFH 1/12 rally car lineup – the Delta S4!

  • A full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, chromed and vacuum parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle
  • front cowl/rear cowl/front bonnet/doors openable, allowing for interior to be viewed fully even after completion.
  • clear resin used for headlight lens, allowing for the mold to closely imitate those of the actual vehicle.
  • pre-printed maker logos on both tires and mesh etching parts
  • aluminum chromed parts used for wheel rim, headlight rim and roof antenna
  • decal provided to accurately reflect carbon kevlar areas
  • based on Toivoven’s final race in 1986 at Tour de Course.
  • features slick tarmac tires with a lower suspension
  • unique rear wing slightly different than one from Ver. A/Ver. B.
  • unique metal wheel vane parts for wheel included for closest representation (slightly different than Ver. B)
  • muffler area unique only to Ver. C included for closest representation

*(All images and contents are tentative and subjected to change.)

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