1:24 Ford P68 '68 Brands Hatch Multi-Media Model Kit

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1:24 Ford P68 '68 Brands Hatch Multi-Media Model Kit

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Model Factory Hiro

Part No: MFH K219

1:24 Ford P68 '68 Brands Hatch Multi-Media Model Kit

Race Versions Available
Kit # K219 - Ford P68 1968 Brands Hatch
Kit # K220 - Ford P68 1968

The Ford P68, also commonly known as the Ford 3L GT or F3L, is a sports prototype racing car model introduced in March 1968. It was designed by Len Bailey, a Ford research engineer, funded by Ford Europe and built by Alan Mann Racing at Weybridge, Surrey, UK. The first competition appearance of a Ford 3L prototype was at the BOAC 500 race at Brands Hatch in Kent. Despite apparent pace, the car was criticized for instability at high speeds and, due to mechanical and electrical failures, did not finish any of the races for which it was entered.

For the 1969 season the P68 was used as the basis for an aborted, fully-open Spyder, dubbed the Ford P69. The P69 sported large, free-standing aerofoil wings. However, these were banned on safety grounds early in the season, and without them the P69 was unraceable.

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  • Scale
    • 1:24
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    • 3L
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    • P68
  • Region
    • American
  • Vehicle Make
    • Ford
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    • Model Kit
    • Multi-Media Kit
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