1:24 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC-10 Hakosuka) Street Custom - 24335

1:24 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC-10 Hakosuka) Street Custom - 24335

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Brand: Tamiya

Part No: TAM24335

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC-10) Street Custom

Customizing is the Name of the Game
The hard-top version of the Skyline 2000GT-R was released in 1970 and packed a serious punch with a detuned version of the inline-6 engine seen on the Nissan R380 prototype racing car. The "hakosuka", as it is affectionately known in Japan, is still a Japanese racing legend today, thanks to an incredible 50 total wins achieved in partnership with the 1969 4-door sedan GT-R. Now, it makes an appearance as a production model of the car with parts depicting popular customizations from its day, as well as a realistic driver figure.

About the Model

  • 1/24 scale. Length: 183mm, width: 73mm.
  • The model recreates the Skyline 2000GT-R hard-top fitted with a host of tune-up parts typical of the era.
  • Recreated tune-up parts include RS Watanabe 8-spoke wheels and front spoiler.
  • DOHC 6-cylinder S20 engine is depicted with strut tower brace and metal air funnels.
  • Oil cooler is created using separate parts.
  • Driver figure included with separate glove and helmet parts.
  • Driver figure comes with a choice of 2 left arm pieces depicting him gripping the steering wheel or gear shift.
  • Strut tower bar uses photo-etched brace parts. Engine compartment features metal air funnels.
  • RS Watanabe 8-spokes were a popular customization of the day. Front spoiler is recreated with separate parts.
  • Photo-etched parts recreate seatbelt parts, brake discs, license plate, pedals and more with precision.
  • Use the included seatbelt stickers for a racy finish! Body-side emblems are depicted by metal transfers.  

More about the 1st GT-R
The first GT-R Skyline appeared in February 1969. Called the PGC-10 (KPGC-10 for later coupé version) internally and Hakosuka  by fans. Hako  means Box in Japanese, and sukais short for Skyline (; Sukairain). It used the 2.0 L (1998 cc) S20 I6. This new DOHC engine produced 160 hp (118 kW, 180 N m), equal to the best sports cars of the time, and was similar to the GR8 engine used in the Nissan R380 racing car.

The GT-R began as a sedan, but a 2-door coupé version was introduced in March 1971. The cars were stripped of unnecessary equipment to be as light as possible for racing, and pvirtually dominated Japanese racing circuits from the late 60's to early 70's. The 4-door and 2-door Skyline 2000 GT-R's accomplished 50 respectable victories in domestic races during that period, establishing the famous "GT-R legend" among the Japanese motor racing enthusiasts.
FYI : Its designation "R" stood for racing

  • Scale
    • 1:24
  • Model
    • 2000 GT-R
    • GT-R
    • KPGC-10
    • Skyline
  • Region
    • Japanese
  • Type
    • Model Kit
  • Vehicle Make
    • Nissan
  • Vehicle Type
    • Road Car
    • Tuner

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