1:43 Eagle Gurney-Weslake

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1:43 Eagle Gurney-Weslake

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Brand: Model Factory Hiro
Model Factory Hiro

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1:43 Eagle Gurney-Weslake

D.Gurney set up the All American Racers (AAR) team for racing within the US in 1964, and for the first time join the F1 Grand Prix in the year 1966 by the name of Anglo-American Racers.
The team machine named after the american symbol “Eagle” , the Eagle T1G with the 3000cc Westlake V12 engine installed won the first champion in the 1967 GP season. The symbolic winning of Gurney’s “All American” team had changed the atmosphere which is particularly emphasized on the Europe side.

The new 1/43 scale series from MFH.
The 1/43 scale kit series target for the perfect balance of the precise as the 1/20 scale full detail kits, the presentation of the details and easy assemble.
Main parts are made of white metal, and other alloy metals, rubber tires, piping, decal sheets are included, the same way that the 1/20 scale kit does.

The first kit for the 1/43scale lineup is the “Eagle T1G” which receiving high level of satisfaction.
And this kit is based on the memorial 1967 Belgium GP of D. Gurney.

The symbolic Weslake V12 Engine of the T1G is modelled with all details and the specially shaped nose together with the interior parts are also being modelled as the real car is.

The kit shown in the photos is built on the sample parts.
The wheels will be using alloys.
The kit is still under development and all are subjected to change.

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