1:9 Montgomery British Anzani Motorcycle - Full Detail Multi Media Kit

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1:9 Montgomery British Anzani Motorcycle - Full Detail Multi Media Kit

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In the early 20th century, Montgomery, which was a manufacturer of sidecar of the UK, will also develop bikes. Their bike concept was to design and produce motorcycle frames and forks in-house, to gather other top-quality parts of the highest quality and to combine them and to provide superbikes of higher performance at that time than general bikes. In the advertisement of the 1920s, "The unique silhouettes and high performances that people want and the sense of stability that creates the difference between" super "bikes and general bikes, these are the characteristics of Montgomery's bikes, Moreover, the price is reasonable. "It is said that it is confident of the confidence of the company's bike. 
The engine that Montgomery adopted for its bike was the 997 cc V type engine developed by Hubert.Hagens of British Anzani Engine Company. This engine, also called "Montgomery-Anzani engine", was later developed only for motorcycles in the 1920s and 1930s Because of its high performance, it will be installed in many automobiles and small airplanes. This "Montgomery-Anzani engine" was designed based on the Anzani engine which was installed in Claude.Temple bike which reworked the world's fastest record of motorcycle in 1923, and its high performance has been handed over to commercial vehicles It is. 
And after Montgomery produced several famous cars, the company got into trouble and the company flew in the year 1939, as the footsteps of the impending World War echoed in Europe. 
That Montgomery sent out to the world in 1924 was "MONTGOMERY BRITISH ANZANI 8 / 38h.

About the Model

  •  Aluminum Sawdust Mulitmaterial kit with plenty of wheel rim, etching, decal, white metal, rubber and so on.
  •  Chain is movable and assembled using etching and metal parts.
  •  Wheel is realistically reproduced with a combination of stainless steel spokes and stainless steel pipes processed on metal rims.
  • Find out more about this bike at https://www.bonhams.com

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