Anti-Static Model Cleaning Brush - 74078

Anti-Static Model Cleaning Brush - 74078

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Price: £17.99

Brand: Tamiya

Part No: TAM74078

Even the best protected models gather dust, but Tamiya now has the perfect cleaning tool to not only remove, but also prevent dust build-up.
This new Model Cleaning Brush features two types of brush fibers, a fine PBT resin fiber for reaching small nooks and crannies, and a slightly shorter organic conductive fiber that eliminates dust gathering static electricity.
Both types of fibers are extremely soft and are great for cleaning even such delicate parts as antenna arrays and ship rigging.
In addition, you can remove the brush body to reveal a shorter, fine PBT fiber brush that is perfect for cleaning smaller, hard to reach areas
(Please note that this shorter brush does not have anti-static fibers).

  • Organic conducive fibers (the slightly shorter ones) eliminates dust-gathering static electricity while fine PBT resin fibers gently clean around delicate parts.
  • Long fibers can reach into nooks and crannies to thoroughly clean any model.
  • Mini brush with PBT fibers is conveniently located within the brush body. Great for removing scrappings and other debris during assembly.