Flocking Glue (Adhesive) - Clear

Flocking Glue (Adhesive) - Clear

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Brand: Zero Designs
Zero Designs

Part No: ZD-FLG000

Flocking Glue - Net Contents 30ml - Supplied in HDPE Bottle with Dropper Top

F.A.Q.  -  How do I use Flocking Powder
Firstly : Do not breath in the dust.

Apply some glue to the area to be covered with a brush
Work over a large piece of paper (so you can put the unused material (spills) back for next time
Use a food strainer to sieve the flocking over the desired area. Using a large brush and your finger, work the flocking down onto the glued area.
Leave it about 5 minutes till the glue has dried. A hair drier will help speed up the process and also help remove the extra material.
Tap the part over your paper to remove any loose material.
That's it

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