Force 8 F8-112 Twin A1P2 Filter Cartridge pair

Force 8 F8-112 Twin A1P2 Filter Cartridge pair

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Brand: Hiroboy

Part No: FM-F8-112

This pair of F8-112 filters are of filter type A1P2 and come in a hang bag for clean storage. These are replacement filters to fit the Force 8 Half-Mask with Typhoon Valve and A1P2 filters.

Replace the filters periodically. If you start to smell the odour of the paint or it becomes difficult to draw air through the filter, then it is time to replace your cartridges. Preferably replace them periodically before this occurs to ensure you are fully protected.

When installing the filters to your mask, please note that the filters do require a reasonable amount of force to be applied to rotate them into the “locked” position. This is to ensure that the gasket between the filters and the mask body is well compressed and therefore sealing the interface efficiently. When carrying out this operation, just take care not to grip the exhaust valve body inside the mask. However, you may grab the overall mask body with the required force to rotate the filters into the “locked” position.

A1P2 cartridges are suitable for protecting your respiratory system from:

  •     Solvent-based painting ( Zero Paints and Alclad)
  •     Water-based painting
  •     Rubbing down paint
  •     Paint stripping
  •     White spirit
  •     Welding (ferrous and lead)
  •     Organic vapours and gases
  •     Dusts
  •     Mists
  •     Fibres and fibre glass
  •     Plaster
  •     Wood (hard and soft)
  •     Nuisance odours

The filters confirm to EN140 (Face piece), EN14387:2004 (Filter performance), EN143:200 (Filter performance).
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