GP Car Story #11 - Formula 1 Magazine Vol 11 Ferrari F187

GP Car Story #11 - Formula 1 Magazine Vol 11 Ferrari F187

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Brand: San-Ei Shobo
San-Ei Shobo

Part No: GPCAR-Vol#11

Volume 11 of the Japanese Magazine about GP Cars Text is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.

Google Translation of contents below

Prologo Escape from confusion 
Flash Back momentarily in the contemporary fastest, also rare Naru and red horse played miracle 
Aoki youthful exuberance and brilliance Gerhard Berger interview of the day 
scarlet and Kazuya of Galleria F187 Overcoming 
Flash Back integrity and each green 5 warriors of green / Flash Back full of elan  
 "I was not wrong," Gustav Brunner interview  proportioned defunct organization F187 & F187 / of the main person who over the 88C distorted relationship new · clear F187 / 88C Theory of each  F187 & F187 / 88C Variations / race specifications and modify  "to the Bernard and work was a pain," Gordon Kimball interview the details of the  F187 & F187 / 88C Ditail File / machine explore  commentary Tipo 033 / 033B Turbo wept in fuel consumption "Maranello miniature garden of"  dreamer verification If you was "Ferrari Honda" ...  "mere three wins, Saredo three wins" is Ferrari to Honda turbo heyday was obtained 3 wins rethink  recollection of Milanese Michele Alboreto interview ● commander Torre of light and shadow. "One and only exists" Enzo Ferrari of portrait  Sebastian Vettel F187 history adhesion Symbol ● rival talks F187 Stefan Johansson is chassis No.97 run the Suzuka! SUZUKA Sound of ENGINE 2015  ① Cornes-sticker story 1987 / history engraved Shi # 28 Williams each other of mortal combat is, Kaige to Piquet in a surprising conclusion! The 1987 look back / F187 & F187 / 88C all war result GP Model Story # 10 absolute difficulty

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  • Era
    • 1980's
  • Type
    • Book
  • Model
    • F187
  • Vehicle Make
    • Ferrari
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    • Formula 1
  • Drivers
    • Gerhard Berger
    • Michele Alboreto