Mclaren MP4/4 in Detail Book - Limited Edition

Mclaren MP4/4 in Detail Book - Limited Edition

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Brand: Joe Honda (MFH)
Joe Honda (MFH)

Part No: MP4/4 Book

Mclaren MP4/4 in Detail - The best companion for your building of the 1:12 McLaren MP4/4 kit!

Best selection for your modeling reference, from the greatest hit Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.03 : McLaren MP4/4 1988″ (Sorry, Vol. 03 is out of stock), together with unpublished photos, new photos, composing this special issue McLaren MP4/4 in Detail!

From the 1988 photo collection of the first racing photographer of Japan, Joe Honda, detail photos of various parts such as the wing, cowl, engine, cockpit and the surroundings, following the timeline of 1988 GP season, revealing the evolve of the machine.
The second half of this book will be detailed data and photos of the MP4/4 and the Honda V6 engine, from the collection in Honda Collection Hall!

No. of Photos: Colour photos 240 pcs
Pages: 32 Pages, A4

Race included:
1988 Brazilian GP / San Marino GP / Monaco GP / French GP / British GP / Hungarian GP / Belgian GP / Italian GP / Porturgese GP / Spanish GP / Japanese GP

Included MP4/4 Detail File from the collection of Honda Collection Hall.

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