Micro Balloons (Microspheres or ​Glass Bubbles)

Micro Balloons (Microspheres or ​Glass Bubbles)

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Brand: Zero Designs
Zero Designs

Part No: ZD-MB60

Microballoons also known as Microspheres or ​Glass Bubbles

Contents : 60ml by volume - Contents may seltle

Using Micro Balloons for filling

The advantages of using microballoons in combination with superglue (i.e., cyanoacrylate glue, or "CA") as a gap filler for small-scale models are that they: 

  • prevent the CA from shrinking; 
  • make the CA much easier to sand, because much of the resulting combination is air; and 
  • cause CA to dry instantly when they contact it, because the zillions of balloons' total surface area is so great.

The basic technique is to apply a reasonably thin layer of CA to the model and then "squirt" a layer of microballoons onto the surface of the glue. If the glue layer is thin enough (less than about 1/32" or 1 mm, say), it will dry instantly, so you can sand the filler or add another CA/microballoon layer immediately. 

Deep gaps usually should be built up from multiple layers, because applying microballoons to the surface of a deep "puddle" of CA will cause only the surface to dry, leaving the CA liquid underneath. However, many layers can be built up very quickly, because each one dries instantly. The resulting filler is very sturdy but easy to sand, and although the microballoons are hollow, they're so small that a sanded surface is very smooth, requiring little or no priming. 

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Caution : May Cause irritation to Eyes ,Skin and Respiratory System
Safety goggles and gloves should be worn when handling micro balloons.