Racers Bike Magazine Special "Rocket Elf"

Racers Bike Magazine Special "Rocket Elf"

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Brand: San-Ei Shobo
San-Ei Shobo

Part No: Racers-Vol.Elf

2 Strike 500 Elves who fought the world GP

The struggle of front and back cantilever suckers who challenged the world Grand Prix in the latter half of the 80's 

Feature Articles 
Elf Project second half term 1985-1988 
Part 2: elf2-elf3-elf4-elf5 
------ The works by Serge Rosset

Text is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.


  • Type
    • Book
  • Region
    • Japanese
  • Vehicle Type
    • MotoGP
    • Race Bike
  • Vehicle Make
    • Suzuki (Moto)
  • Sponsor
    • Yoshimura