Racers Bike Magazine Vol 47 Honda RC211V 2006

Racers Bike Magazine Vol 47 Honda RC211V 2006

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Brand: San-Ei Shobo
San-Ei Shobo

Part No: Racers-Vol.47

Honda RC 211 V featured in RACERS for the first time in five and a half years. 
It is PART 2 which continues from the previous issue 13. 
In the first two years of MotoGP Genesis, Honda dominates the world's highest class with overwhelming strength. 
After that, although absolute ace, Rossi 's transfer, hegemony was robbed, but the machine will continue to evolve and aging in order. 
However, the evolution of the rivals was remarkable, and Honda's advantage was gradually lost. 
Therefore, the engine and the car body were renewed, and the actual battle was introduced in 2006 is "New Generation". 
It was Nicky Hayden who ran this reborn RC 211 V faster than anyone else. 
Not only the seat of the champion, but also the manufacturer title pulled back to Honda's hands again. 
We will spot the "New Generation" which has secured results in the last season of the 990 cc era.

Text is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.


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