Racers Bike Magazine Vol 48 Honda NSR250 - RS250RW

Racers Bike Magazine Vol 48 Honda NSR250 - RS250RW

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Brand: San-Ei Shobo
San-Ei Shobo

Part No: Racers-Vol.44

Years-old racing machine - NSR to RS-RW, Honda 250 Works machine dramatic change era 

[THE SCENE from scenes] 

'01 WGP 250 on NSR 250 
Daijiro Kato crowned with a new record of 11 wins annually

'04 - '05 WGP 250 on RS250 RW 
Dani Pedrosa The trajectory of 250 consecutive victories together

Ukawa Toru Uchikawa with the NSR 250 continuing to change Hiroshi Aoyama WGP 250 The final champion 

'98 - '01 NV 3 "Honda's first two-axis V twin NSR 250'

02 -'09 2nd St Last Last Generation RS250 RW with NJB "NSR" Crown RemovedText is in Japanese but the quantity of super detailed photo make up for it.


  • Type
    • Book
  • Region
    • Japanese
  • Vehicle Type
    • MotoGP
    • Race Bike
  • Vehicle Make
    • Suzuki (Moto)
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