1:24 Classic Curtain Side Trailer - Italeri 3908 Model Kit

1:24 Classic Curtain Side Trailer - Italeri 3908 Model Kit

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Brand: Italeri

Part No: IT-3908

1:24 Classic Curtain Side / Canvas Trailer - Italeri 3908 Model Kit

The tractor-trailer units with 3-axle trailer are dominating the European long-distance transport. The most common variants are the canvas-container and reefer trailer. Due to the heavy competition in long-distance hauling the owners are forced to utilize the weight limit of 40 tons of a track unit. This requires the application of modern materials like aluminum and plastic in the trailer construction, to keep the weight as low as possible. This trailer can be combined with all Italeri Trucks to impressive units.

Type: Trailer
Period: Modern
Skill: 4
Model Dim.: 50,5 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm

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  • Era
    • 1990's
    • 2000's
    • 2010's
  • Scale
    • 1:24
  • Region
    • American
  • Vehicle Make
    • Daimler AG
    • Freightliner
    • Mercedes-Benz
  • Type
    • Model Kit
  • Vehicle Type
    • Trailer
    • Truck

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