Basic Modeling : Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note : Model kits do not come with Glue, Tools or Paints those need to be purchased separate, we recommend these

Getting Started

Useful Extra Tools

Advanced Tools

Craft Knife or Scalpels
Plastic Glue
Side Cutters
Cutting Mat
Needle files / Sanding Sticks
Pin Vice and Drills
Airbrush and Compressor
Circle Cutter
Vice, Helping Hands, Clamps
Steel Ruler
Razor and Micro Saws
Photoetched Folding Tool


F.A.Q.  - What are Decals and How do I use them.?

This type of Decal is a water-slide (or water-dip) type which is screen-printed on a layer of water-soluble adhesive on a water-resistant paper, that must first be dipped in water prior to its application. Upon contact with water, the glue is loosened and the decal can be removed from its backing and placed on the model.

F.A.Q.  - What are Photoetched Parts and How do I use them.?

Photoetched Detail sets consist of small pieces of steel, brass or copper, etched with various chemicals. Because plastic is fragile, it can not be made thin enough to represent very detailed parts etc.
These Photoetched details are used by just about all experienced modellers to give a realistic finish to the models
We recommend using CA (super glue) or Epoxy Glue to attach the parts, we recommend using one of the various Cement Dipping Sticks to apply the CA to the part and kit.

We have many specialist tools for use with photoetched parts, such as Diamond Files, Scissors and Folding/Bending Tools