1:12 Mclaren MP4/4 Late version ver.G

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1:12 Mclaren MP4/4 Late version ver.G

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Brand: Model Factory Hiro
Model Factory Hiro

Part No: MFH K429

1:12 Mclaren MP4/4 Late version ver.G

1:12 Mclaren MP4/4 Late version ver.E

The McLaren MP4/4 Late Type with Honda engine, which helped A. Senna to won the 1988 F1 races champions, now in 1/12 scale kit in the year that A. Senna passed away 20 years.

This kit is based on McLaren MP4/4 which both Honda engine and A. Senna played their one of the best season. This kit will be in 1/12 big scale, and it will be a fulldetailed kit.

This kit will be based on the snorkel-less version after Belgian GP in 1988. You can reproduce the 14 specifications out of 16 GP stops together with our early type kit (sold separately).

This is a multi-material kit which contains parts made of Resin, white metal, photo etch sheets, silk-screen printed decals, rubber parts, aluminium parts and cords, etc.

The inside component and mechanism, start from the pistons, of the strongest engine at that moment, the Honda V6 turbo, will be reproduced in this kit.

Wheel rims are made of aluminum and already black-painted. Other parts like the shift nob, wheel lock nuts, and the drive shaft are also made of aluminum.

Various piping, tubes, mesh hose will be in different types of materials for the reality. Part of the connectors will be made of rubber.

The front nose will be attached by magnets, the body cowl will be attached by using pins, and all two parts will be removable to interpret the interior composition.

Carbon fibre patterened decal sheet is included for the monocoque.

The turbo-related parts will also be included as this is one of the characteristics of the late type.

K427 Ver.E : 1988 Rd.9 German GP / Rd.11 Belgian GP/ Rd.12 Italian GP
#12 Ayrton Senna 
This version is based on German GP/Belgian GP and Italian GP which the rear wing for high-speed circuit is included.

K428 Ver.F : 1988 Rd.14 Spanish GP
#12 Ayrton Senna 
This version is based on Spanish GP which the flap rear wing for low-speed circuit is included.

K429 Ver.G : 1988 Rd.10 Hungarian GP / Rd.13 Portugal GP / Rd.15 Japanese GP
#12 Ayrton Senna 
This version is bassed on Hungrian GP, Portuguese GP, and Japanese GP which Senna won the Drivers’ Championship. The 2 pieces flap rear wing is included for the middle-speed circuits.

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