1:24 GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (GT86) 2013 TRD Rally Challenge

1:24 GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (GT86) 2013 TRD Rally Challenge

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1:24 GAZOO Racing TRD 86 - Toyota 86 - GT86

This is a scale replica model kit of the GAZOO Racing TRD (Toyota Racing Development) 86. The TRD 86 is a car based on the Toyota 86 and optioned out by TRD, Toyota's in-house tuning shop. This GAZOO Racing version of the car was run in the Japanese TRD Rally Challenge series of events, and is perhaps most notable for being driven by Toyota motor company president Akio Toyoda as his alter-ego "Morizo." He proved to be more than just a name, picking up two wins in the 5-race series on his way to the Championship for his class.

  • The dynamic body lines of the GAZOO Racing TRD 86, which competed in the 4th race of the 2013 TRD Rally Challenge season is accurately recreated.
  • Features unique to the car such as roll cage, wheels, bucket seats, mud flaps, twin exhausts, rear bumper and front wing base are faithfully depicted.
  • Included stickers excellently capture the car?s colorful markings and sponsor logos.
  • Hood may be posed open to showcase the detailed engine compartment with engine.
  • Features moving front wheels.
  • Manufacturer emblems and mirror surfaces depicted with metal transfers.
  • Underbody features suspension and drivetrain details.
  • Metal-plated headlight and taillight fixtures.

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  • Scale
    • 1:24
  • Model
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  • Region
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  • Vehicle Type
    • Rally Car
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