1:24 Mclaren F1GTR ver.D Multi-Media Model Kit

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1:24 Mclaren F1GTR ver.D Multi-Media Model Kit

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Brand: Model Factory Hiro
Model Factory Hiro

Part No: MFH K361

1:24 Mclaren F1GTR ver.D Multi-Media Model Kit

F1 GTR, the ultimate sports car that based on the McLaren F1 cars, was designed by Mclaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray. F1 GTR had a glorious history that won the 24-hour champion the Circuit de la Sarthe in 1995, and won the champion in 2 constructive years of the BPR series.

The main parts of this multi-material kit are made of urethane, white metal, alloys, photo etch sheets, decals, and etc.

The butterfly doors and the rear window are movable. The front cowl, side panel, bonnet (engine foot), rear panel and diffuser are attached by magnets and can be easily attached/detached so that you can have the interior view of this great kit. Also the steering can be detached, too.

5 Different version are available.

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