1:24 Nismo R34 GT-R Skyline Z-Tune

1:24 Nismo R34 GT-R Skyline Z-Tune

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Brand: Aoshima

Part No: AOS-043509

1:24 Model Kit of the Nismo R34 GT-R Skyline Z-TUNE

NISMO R34 Skyline GTR Z-tune. This Spec GTR is Limited to 20 Units only. Its the final and best edition of the Nissan R34 GTR Skyline. Stripped and rebuilt by hand by Nissan’s Motor Sport division (NISMO). Many people won’t want to know the fact that this car could easily beat any American or European sports car of twice if not more the value of the R34 GTR Z-tune.

The correct paint shade for the Z-Tune is KYO - R34 Z-Tune Special Silver and can be purchased from Zero Paints here ->

Product Tags

  • Scale
    • 1:24
  • Era
    • 2000's
  • Model
    • GT-R
    • GTR
    • R34 GT-R
    • Z-Tune
  • Region
    • Japanese
  • Type
    • Model Kit
  • Sponsor
    • Nismo
  • Vehicle Make
    • Nissan
  • Vehicle Type
    • Road Car
  • Colour
    • Silver