1:24 Porsche 917K ver.B

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1:24 Porsche 917K ver.B

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Model Factory Hiro

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1:24 Porsche 917K ver.B 1970 Daytona 24hours [KG Salzburg] #3 Vic Elford/K.Ahrens

The 917 was first debuted in the prototype sports car race in 1969, and was evolved when Works asked John Wyer Automotive Engineering for enhancing the machine’s aerodynamics aspect. The short-tail version of 917K was debuted.

Then the 1970 season, 917K conquered most of the endurance races, and won the international makers championship and the overall champion in the 24-hour race held at Circuit de la Sarthe.

The most powerful and strongest in endurance races at that moment, 917K, will be available in 1/24 scale full detail kit.

Product Tags

  • Scale
    • 1:24
  • Model
    • 917K
  • Region
    • European
  • Drivers
    • Kurt Ahrens
    • Vic Elford
  • Vehicle Type
    • Le Mans 24
    • Race Car
    • Sports Cars
  • Type
    • Model Kit
  • Vehicle Make
    • Porsche

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