1:24 Suzuki Jimny (JA71-JCU)

1:24 Suzuki Jimny (JA71-JCU)

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Brand: Hasegawa

Part No: HAS-20323

1:24 Suzuki Jimny (JA71-JCU)

Taking it offroad since the seventies

The Suzuki Jimny is, quite clearly, a descendant-through the Asian market-of the WWII Willis Jeep. A version of the Jimny currently holds the world altitude record for an offroad vehicle and thousands of offroading enthusiasts, around the world, trust them to take them to new heights. The JA71, with its three-cylinder engine, produces over forty horsepower which is more than enough to get it up and down the mountain!

This limited edition kit features new front grille and bumpers plus full decals.

Decal Option:

  1. Type JA71-JCU