1:35 Yanmar Tractor YT5113A

1:35 Yanmar Tractor YT5113A

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Brand: Hasegawa

Part No: HAS-WM05

1:35 Yanmar Tractor YT5113A

Autonomous farm machines were once the subject of science fiction, but Yanmar has made them a reality with the introduction of its new 2-Series tractors scheduled to go on sale on October 1, 2018. Equipped with Yanmar’s innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – which utilizes precision positioning data and robot technology – the new autonomous driving “Robot Tractors” are designed to greatly enhance farm management efficiency, while realizing significant labor-savings. Agricultural machinery equipped with the “SMARTPILOT” autonomous operating system will fortify Yanmar’s already impressive lineup of industrial farm machinery.

Kit Features:

Parts: 212

Model Size: 132 x 61mm