Ferrari/Maserati Paints 60ml

Ferrari/Maserati Paints 60ml

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1 off : 60ml bottle of colour matched Ferrari paints. This has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.
Note : 2 Coat Colours (F2007 - F60) are supplied as 30ml Groundcoat and 30ml Basecoat, unless Otherwise Stated. 

 Download this PDF (13mb) document showing different coloured Ferrari's to help you.

Download the complete list of Ferrari paints we can mix here -   Zip file of all files below

The website The Ferrari Collection is also a handy resource for information

Ferrari Road and Race Car Colours

Argento Nuerburgring (Met Silver) 101-111
Azzurro California (Met Silver) 524
Azzurro Ferrari (Met) 515C
Azzurro Hyperion Mica 517C
Azzurro 502.C
Avorio 231.052
Bianco Avus (White) 100
Bianco Fuji (Pearl White) 137.739
Berlinetta Rosso F12
Blu Abu Dhabi 526 (226.954)
Bleu Montecarlo (Solid) 20-A-548
Blu Dino - 106 A 72
Blu Lapisazzulo - 136.713
Blu Le Mans Mica 516
Blu Nart (Met Blue) 523
Bleu Medio 514.C
Bleu Medio 506.C
Blu Pozzi (Blue) 521
Blu Scozia (Solid) 593
Blu Tour de France (Met Blue) 522
Blu Ribot A6 Sebring 503.C
Blu Elettrico SA APERTA 1
Blu Victory (Maserati) 226.847
Blue Mirabeau 290.829
Canna Di Fucile (Met Black) 703.C
Giallo Fly 102 (1982 -Onwards)
Giallo Fly Y191 (1969-1973)
Giallo Modena (Yellow) 4305
Giallo Triplo Strato 159.753 - 2x30ml
Grigio 612 Scaglietti
Grigio Ferro 700.C
Grigio Alloy (Silver) (Met) 750

Grigio Notte 106 E 28
Grigio Ingrid (Met Silver) 720
Grigio Silverstone 740
Grigio Titanio (Met Silver) 3238
Iron Grey - 290.604
Marrone Metallizato 800.C
Nero (Black) 1240
Nero (Black) 1250
Nero Daytona (Met Black) 910
Nuovo Nero Daytona (Met Black) 506
Nuovo Nero Daytona (Met Black) 508
Nero Stellato SA APERTA 3
Nocciola Tan (Metallic Cooper) 106 M 27
Oro Chiaro 104.C
Prugna Metallic 306.C
Rosso Barchetta (Red) 312
Rosso Corsa (322) Slightly Lighter than 300
Rosso Corsa (Red) 300
Rosso Cordoba 106 R 7 NEW
Rosso Dino - R-350
Rosso Dino SA APERTA 2
Rosso Fiorano (Met Red) 321
Rosso Fuoco SA APERTA 4
Rosso Chiaro  20-R-190
Rosso Rubino R9 (1967)
Rosso Rubino 129/B (La Ferrari etc) NEW
Rosso Scuderia (Red) 323
Rosso F12 Berlinetta
Rubino Micalizzato 203.154
Rosso Monza  136.403 (Ferrari 599)
Rosso Mugello - 229.136 
Solar Direct Orange (NOT a Ferrari Colour, Matched to FXX)
Verde Opale - 290.309
Verde Zeltweg (Met Green) 610

Blue and Yellow for Ferrari 250 GTO Chassis: 3445GT 2x30ml
BP Green and Yellow for Ferrari 250 GTO Chassis: 3676GT 2x30ml
BRP-BRM Pastel Green for 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Chassis: 3505GT 60ml

Formula 1 Paint Colours
Rosso Formula 1 1960's
Recommended for the following cars:
Dino 166 F2, 312 F1-66, 312 F1-67, 312 F1-68, Ferrari 312 F1-69
Rosso Formula 1 1970's -1980's
Recommended for the following cars:
312B-B3, 312T-T5 126C, 126CK, 126C2, 126C2B, 126C3, 126C4, 156/85
Rosso Formula 1 Pre-2004
Recommended for the following cars:
F1/89, (F189) F1 640, F1 641, 642/643, F92A, F93A, 412 T1/T2 F310, F310B, F300, F399, F1 2000, F2001, F1 2002, F2003 GA
Rosso Formula 1 Flou (2004-2007) (Fluorescent Rosso)
Recommended for the following cars:
Rosso Flou Ferrari F1 (2004-2006)
F2004 - F2004M -  F2005 - 248 F1
Rosso Formula 1 2007-2008 - 2x30ml (2 Coat Metallic)
30ml Silver Groundcoat - 30ml Red Basecoat
Rosso Formula 1 F60 2009 - 2x30ml (2 Coat Metallic)
30ml Silver Groundcoat - 30ml Red Basecoat
Rosso F10 - Use on models of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Team F10 2010

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