Mr Color Thinners 400ml

Mr Color Thinners 400ml

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Brand: Gunze Sangyo (Mr Hobby)
Gunze Sangyo (Mr Hobby)

Part No: GSi-T104

Mr Color Thinners 400ml

Note that the labelling of this product is in Japanese.  It is translated as follows:
Ingredients (not translated)
How to use: If Mr Color is too thick, use Mr Color Thinner to thin it a little before use. Wash brushes with Mr Color Thinner in a separate container. Dry brushes on a paper towel. Keep lid on to prevent evaporation. Don't mix with other thinners.

Safety warnings:
Caution, flammable liquid
Possibility of organic solvent poisoning
Keep away from children
Don't drink or eat by mistake
Have fresh air whilst using and drying
Use a mask or gauze
Don't use close to fire
Wash hands with soap if in contact with skin
If in eyes, wash out with water
If feel sick, go into fresh air
If drink and feel ache or strange, go to see doctor immediately
Don't store in direct sunshine
When empty, dispose of carefully
For use with Mr Color

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