1:20 Hi-Definition Composite Carbon Fiber Decal #1520

1:20 Hi-Definition Composite Carbon Fiber Decal #1520

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Brand: Scale Motorsport
Scale Motorsport

Part No: SKU1520

Sheet Size is approx 185mm x 115mm (4-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches)

Composite Fiber Technology has changed a great deal since we introduced our first CF decal product line back in 1997. Like everything else in the world of racing improvements are key to maintaining a leadership position on and off the track. So that our products keep up with the latest technologies in automotive science Scale Motorsport is proud to announce the release of our long awaited Hi-Definition Composite Fiber Decal product line. Our Hi-Def CF decals are more than a pretty, colourful pattern Lay these decals down over whatever components you have and instantly you have created the appearance of a truly woven fabric surface.

Our illustration above is "brightened up" and enlarged for viewing on the internet the actual pattern is slightly darker for a more realistic appearance. Our new Hi-Def CF decals are available in 1:24th, 1:20th and 1:12th scales. Most appropriate if used on subjects that from the year 2001 and newer.

  • Scale
    • 1:20
  • Type
    • Decals