1:20 Tyrrell P34 1977 Japan GP #3 (Peterson) (GP34)

1:20 Tyrrell P34 1977 Japan GP #3 (Peterson) (GP34)

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Brand: Fujimi

Part No: FUJ-090900

1:20 Scale Model Car Kit of the Tyrrell P34 from Fujimi

Tyrrell P34 Japan Grand Prix #3 Wide Tread (Peterson)

The Tyrrell P34 (Project 34), otherwise known as the "six-wheeler", was a Formula One race car designed by Derek Gardner, Tyrrell's chief designer.

The car used four specially manufactured 10-inch-diameter (254 mm) wheels and tyres at the front, with two ordinary-sized wheels at the back. The six-wheel design reduced the drag which would have been caused by two larger front wheels, increased the total contact patch of the front tyres and created a greater swept area for the brake discs.

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