Aston Martin Le Mans Gulf Blue Paint 60ml

Aston Martin Le Mans Gulf Blue Paint 60ml

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Brand: Zero Paints
Zero Paints

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Part No: ZP-1092

1 off : 60ml of colour matched paint, supplied in a Glass Bottle. This has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.

This is a lighter shade of Gulf blue used on the 2008 Aston Martin than that used on the older Porsche's and GT40's

Many Thanks to Aston Martin Racing UK for supplying us the exact paint colour information.

For further information on using Zero Colour Matched Paints please read the Zero Paints F.A.Q. here

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  • Vehicle Make
    • Aston Martin
  • Region
    • European
  • Vehicle Type
    • GT Car
  • Sponsor
    • Gulf
  • Type
    • Paint

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