Key and Clean (Paint Preparation and Cleaning Solution) 75g

Key and Clean (Paint Preparation and Cleaning Solution) 75g

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Brand: Zero Paints
Zero Paints

Part No: ZP-6002

Key and Clean - Paint Preperation and Cleaning Solution : 

Key and clean is a scuffing and cleaning solution to be used with the grey pad provided.  It is an excellent product to remove any release agents and surface contaminants prior to painting. This is the final step in the sanding process. We recommend removing mould lines to a fine grade before this application.

Use with clean water on the grey pad and keep the model wet. Apply a small amount of Key and Clean to the grey pad or direct to the model. Scuff the model surface using light to medium pressure. Rinse the model surface with clean fresh water and dry. The plastic/paint surface should have a uniform matt finish. If not repeat the above steps. Once this process is complete the surface is perfectly clean and keyed for painting.

Simply rinse the grey pad with clean water – air dry and it will be ready for the next use. The pad can be used multiple times.}

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