MATT/ FLAT 2 Pack Clearcoat 190ml (2K Urethane)

MATT/ FLAT 2 Pack Clearcoat 190ml (2K Urethane)

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Brand: Zero Paints
Zero Paints

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Part No: ZP-3012

Matt / Flat 2 Pack Clear Coat for use on various models requiring a matt protective finish.

Contents :

  • 100ml Matt Clear Coat (Medium Solid)  also known as Urethane or Polyurethane (Supplied in Glass Bottle)
  • 30ml Hardener  (Supplied in Glass Bottle)
  • 60ml Thinners (Supplied in Glass Bottle)

Mixing Ratio :

100 Parts Clear + 25 Parts Hardener + 30 Parts Thinner.
(e.g. 50ml Clear, 12.5ml Clear + 15ml Thinners)
Drying Times : Air Drying  at 20°C, Dust Free 30 Mins, Tack Free : 10-12 Hours, Thoroughly Dry : 24 Hours.

Is it possible to pre-mix your 2 pack gloss clearcoat then keep it in a jar for later use if not all used in one go, or is it a case of just mixing enough to do the job?

No must not do this, once you mix the clear coat and hardener a chemical reaction is started, similar to epoxy glue or epoxy putty. It will hardened within 15/20 mins, if you mixed the lot you would be wasting product and money, so only mix whet you need each time, you will quickly find the amounts you need with a small amount of practice. 
We would recommend starting with 10ml/gram or Clearcoat - 5ml/gram Hardener and 3ml of Thinners and see how much coverage you get.

Is this safe over decals
Yes, 2K Clearcoat is safe over decals, it has been tested on all the major brands : Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima, Studio 27, Cartograf, Scale Motorsport MFH, etc. Please remember to apply a few mist coats over the decals before the wet coats.
It has NOT been tested on homemade inkjet printed decals as so many brands exist, so please test on scrap first.

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