Pastel Paints (16 Shades Avaliable) 60ml

Pastel Paints (16 Shades Avaliable) 60ml

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Part No: ZP-4200

1 off : 60ml  bottle of Pastel Coloured Paint
These has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.

Part No: Name
ZP-4201 Aqua Verde
ZP-4202 Turquoise Green
ZP-4203 Viola Lilla
ZP-4204 Pistacchio
ZP-4205 Celeste
ZP-4206 Khaki 
ZP-4207 Eldorado Yellow
ZP-4208 Pale Yellow
ZP-4209 Peach
ZP-4210 Burnt Siena
ZP-4211 Pastel Green
ZP-4212 Roberta Pink
ZP-4213 Safran
ZP-4214 Cipria
ZP-4215 Viola
ZP-4216 Azzurro

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