4 Way Micromesh Flexi File x 1

4 Way Micromesh Flexi File x 1

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Brand: Micromesh (Micro-Surface)
Micromesh (Micro-Surface)

Part No: MS-4WFF

1 off 4 Way Micromesh Flexi Files

Flexi-Files are padded boards which are coated with Micro Mesh. The padding gives a gentle surface which helps to produce give a smooth finish and the flexing allows the board to bend around objects.

4 way Flexi-Files these are a good all rounder with coarse and fine finishes. 

150MX(Dark Grey), 2400(Pink), 4000(White) and 12000 (Grey)

The cutting medium on the files is silicone carbide in all cases except the 4000 and 12000 grade with is aluminium oxide.

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