Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #50: Grand Prix 1975 Part 1

Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #50: Grand Prix 1975 Part 1

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Brand: Joe Honda (MFH)
Joe Honda (MFH)

Part No: JOEHONDA#50

Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #50: Grand Prix 1975 Part 1

The 50th edition of specializing in the Grand Prix scene "Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO", the focus in 1975 that Ferrari has made a full revival. Young Niki Lauda to spur on the name of the machine 312T is the season memorable won the first throne. 
Ferrari 312T and McLaren M23, etc., while the name of the machine and the name of the players of the top teams were competing for supremacy, continue to the previous year 1974, season privateer and emerging constructor has many entry has a strong sense of good and bad in a hopeless jumble, Grand Prix at that point It might say that it was history on the very unique year. 
Since the number of constructor is large, also in 1975 it will be the editing style of divided into PART-01 and PART-02.In this time of PART-01 Ferrari 312T and Lauda / Regazzoni Combi will decorate the beginning of a book. Since the 312T, we have featured in the published, but is summarized in a relatively compact, we would appreciate your confirmation of the details of the re-312T unique appearance and mechanisms. 
Particularly I would like your attention in this issue, and Brabham (combination of Reutemann and Pace) who suddenly jumped to second place constructors' in BT44B a career work of Gordon Murray, fast that Tom Price and Jean-Pierre Jarie is UOP shadow that boasts two people young. Both unique appearance, of course, valuable detail photos to help you model building will have been enhanced. 
Also a long time to close the Honda GP history curtain of the first phase, emerging constructor and developed a bold challenge from Japan, also will be recording precious photos of Maki. The PART-01 of the 1975 Grand Prix, please enjoy Joe Honda whole body photos Come!

■ recording schedule image scores ... 
Color: about 700 points

■ recording schedule team ... 
● 1975 years Ferrari Brabham shadow march Per Neri Penske 

■ The recording race ... 
● 1975 years Sweden GP 
Netherlands GP 
France GP 
British GP 
United States GP


Release: 21 March 2016
Size: A4 variation (297mm x 232mm)
Pages: 108 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour 700 photos
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation

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  • Era
    • 1970's
  • Type
    • Book
  • Vehicle Make
    • Brabham
    • Ferrari
    • March
    • Penske
    • Shadow
    • Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing
  • Vehicle Type
    • Formula 1
  • Model
    • Shadow DN5
    • VJP4

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