Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #30: McLaren MP4/5 1989

Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #30: McLaren MP4/5 1989

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Brand: Joe Honda (MFH)
Joe Honda (MFH)

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Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Vol #30: McLaren MP4/5 1989

The Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO, which specialized in grand prix scenes, will be focusing on the Honda MP4/5 in this 30th issue!

Due to the regulation changed, turbo is now prohibited and changing to natural aspiration engines in the 1989 season, Honda developed a 3.5L V10 RA109-E engine, together with new technology like semi-automatic transmission, the performance is so outstanding that suppressed the rivals, like Ferrari, which is still working on the new technologies. The MP4/5 won 10 races in total 16 races (which Senna won 6 and Prost won 4), contributing to the constructors’ champion of this season.
In the Drivers’ champion competition, although Senna won more races than Prost, he gained points more than Senna that makes Prost the champion after Senna had been disqualified in the 15th race, the Japanese GP.

Please enjoy the photos from the point of view of human, through Joe Honda, who chasing the lighting fast evolving grand prix world.
In this issue, the first half of this 100-page issue will be the photos from Joe Honda, and the second half is the detail file of MP4/5, the data is all collected by Model Factory HIRO from the real cars.
Please use this issue to assist your model building too!

1989 Races Included:

  • Brazilian GP
  • San Marino GP
  • Monaco GP
  • French GP
  • British GP
  • Hungarian GP
  • Belgian GP
  • Italian GP
  • Portuguese GP
  • Spanish GP
  • Japanese GP

Detail file
Detail file of MP4/5 (Collection from Honda Collection Hall)

Release: 21 September 2013
Size: A4 variation (297mm x 232mm)
Pages: 100 Pages
No. of Photos: Colour 350 photos
Language: Japanese / with partial English translation

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